Localization and Translation.

Localization and Translation.

When a single learning delivery model doesn't serve your learning needs, IEA brings a blend of delivery models that fit your learning culture. We blend both instructional-led training and eLearning modules to create a cohesive learning experience.

Blended learning is ideal when part of the training requires physical interaction and other parts can be done via eLearning mode as per the learner’s schedule.
We consider the learning modes and techniques that are most appropriate and effective for learners. This approach helps reinforce the content effectively.

We will work with you to design blended learning solutions such as

  • Voice over narration.
  • Multimedia localization.
  • content translation.
  • Audio-video intergration.
  • Subtitling.

Interactive eLearning Africa

Our eLearning Localisation Workflow

  • Content localization
    • Our graphics team ensures the effective localisation of graphics, themes and multimedia elements to bring a desired local “look-and-feel”
  • Analysis
    • Content is analysed to neutralise cultural, linguistic and contextual discrepancies
  • Audio Recording
    • We provide professional studio voice-over recording services with the help of native voice-over artists

Our translation specialists are skilled at creating accurate and culturally specific translations of your learning content. This ensures the maximum reach and impact of your training and the message is conveyed consistently.