Custom Content Development.

Custom Content Development.

With our gamification strategy we take your eLearning to the next level! We believe that learning should be fun and motivating. IEA aims to create immersive game-based learning experiences to engage the learners and enhance their performance and productivity. We combine the gamified elements with instructional design and bring the real-world context to learning so that your learners can practice in a safe environment. Our Gamification solutions support all kinds of training ranging from induction to compliance.

Interactive eLearning Africa

We improve learning courses that improve learning experiences

Our online training courses are designed around the core learning elements of active learning. We endevour to capture the learners attention through relevant storylines, dynamic design and informative narratives.

IEA has the ability to offer effective solutions in converting the existing content into interactive eLearning content.

Memorable and measurable

  • We have SCORM and AICC complaint courses that help you to track learner progress via Learning Management System.
  • Interactive and dynamic nature of courses output an outsanding digital learning experience which creates a lasting impression.

Relevant and Authentic

  • We will help to you to design learning content customized to fit in your organization.
  • Courses are developed specifically to fit to your brand and style guidelines.
  • Simulations, scenarios, case studies are incorporated so the learners can connect their experiences with real world examples.

Interactive learning environment

  • The gamified approach of learning creates a fun environment with realistic challenges throughout the course
  • The approach involves assesment activities designed to test knowledge and learners decision making skills.
  • We utilize HTML5 tools in creating the course. This makes our content to be accessible accross different platforms.

Meaniful and motivational

  • Our learning content is designed to reduce cognitive overload and improve learners understandign and retention.
  • COntent is developed with learner in mind making it rich and offering a personalised learning experience.